Final preparations for tough Ten Tors Challenge

Twelve students from Bedminster Down School are making final preparations this week before taking part in the Ten Tors Challenge on 9th and 10th May.

This is the third year that the school has taken part in the challenge to navigate across Dartmoor and the first time that teams are being submitted for both the 35-mile and 45-mile treks.

To date no complete team from Bedminster Down has yet successfully completed the course. Two years ago students abandoned their expedition to assist a girl who was stranded in a flooded river and other groups to cross the river. Unusually course organisers awarded the team medals despite being unable finish the challenge.

Bedminster Down Head of Outdoor Education Ben Wills said:

“The Ten Tors expedition is like no other opportunity for a school to encourage students to challenge their physical and mental capabilities. Since October, when 30 students volunteered to train, we have been building up navigation, endurance and teamwork skills. We now have two strong teams of six ready and willing to take on Dartmoor.”

Student Tom Lear said:

“Ten Tors has been a challenge that I have loved being part of. I feel I have gained a lot from it, especially working as part of a team, which will really help me in later life. I have made some great friends, people who I might not have spent time with in school otherwise.”

BDS students line up for the Bristol Post

BDS students line up for the Bristol Post

The Ten Tors Challenge is organised by the Army, specifically Headquarters 1st Artillery Brigade & South West, from its Moor Group Headquarters at Okehampton Camp. It is assisted by the Royal Navy (with manpower and helicopters), the Royal Air Force and the Dartmoor Rescue Group: between them they oversee the participants and ensure that none comes to lasting harm.

Total numbers taking part are limited to 2,400 individuals – four hundred teams of six teenagers. The challenge always takes place during the second week of May. Over the last 20 years the temperature has ranged from -2 C to 20.7 C and rainfall has reached 18.6mm in a day.

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