Healthy boost for Knowle West children

A Knowle school has been rewarded for its efforts in providing a healthy start for the 65 children who attend its breakfast club.

Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy will receive £500 from the Kelloggs Breakfast Club Awards for ‘Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle’. Although it has been running for nearly twenty years, some radical changes in recent years has improved the quality of the food on offer and an early morning running club has boosted attendance.

The runners-up award for the school coincides with new published research from Cardiff University that found that pupils are twice as likely to achieve above average results in school if they eat breakfast.

Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy Head of School Hilary Dunford said:

“Our breakfast club is run for the sole benefit of our children and the proven positive impact it has on their readiness to learn.

“I’m delighted that we’ve been recognised for our efforts to promote good health through a balanced and low-sugar breakfast alongside the opportunity for physical exercise. We’ll be spending the prize money on extra reading material and arts and crafts materials for the club.”

Almost half of the children who attend the club are entitled to free school meals and it is not run for profit but entirely funded through the school budget.

Ben Roberts is the PE lead for the school and co-ordinates the morning running club.

“The opportunity for some vigorous physical exercise before school is helping to create a love of sport and activity which I hope will stay with our children. Getting the club going means that we now participate in city-wide events and we keep it varied between sprints and distance achievements so there is something for everyone.”

Notes for Editors

1. For the Kellogs Breakfast Club Awards (announced last week) visit
2. The study into breakfast and academic success was published this week by the Public Health Nutrition Journal. For more information visit,-good-grades

3. Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Acadmy is part of the Malago Learning Partnership. It is a voluntary collaboration between nine south Bristol schools to improve academic achievements and life chances for all students.

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