Grammar Training


Grammar at St Peter’s C of E Primary School 2014-15

St Peter’s has a rigorous and exciting grammar curriculum that yields high results in SATs. We offer CPD in all areas of grammar teaching and planning ranging from inviting staff to observe lessons, planning with teachers and running staff meetings.

A tailored package of support can be offered based on the needs of your school.


  • Weekly, termly and yearly planning overviews that follow the new curriculum
  • How to integrate grammar into topic based lessons.
  • Working with teachers on a 1:1 basis to plan individual lessons and a series of lessons.

Observing lessons

  • Observe stand-alone grammar lessons from year 3-6
  • Observe how grammar can be integrated into a topic based curriculum
  • Our AHT can visit your school and teach a grammar lesson to a class of your choice.

Staff Meetings (Not on a Monday or a Wednesday)

  • How to teach grammar at KS1, KS2 and KS3
  • CPD for staff members on grammar terminology
  • How to teach a new skill, practice it and consolidate it using games and activities.

Resources (Only offered as part of a block of work)

  • Ideas for grammar games to consolidate understanding
  • Resources including video clips, photos and songs
  • Smart notebooks of grammar lessons covering the entire new curriculum.

If you are interested, please e-mail Pippa Jones:

Cost: bespoke

Time Frame: We would need a term’s notice