Parson Street embraces ‘Empty Classroom Day’

Classrooms at Parson Street Primary, Bristol will fall silent on Friday 19th June as the whole school will take to the outdoors for the day.

‘Empty Classroom Day’ is a national event aimed at promoting outdoor learning to aid physical health, social skills and a greater understanding of the natural world.

During Friday nursery will be in Victoria Park, reception in Manor Woods for a bug hunt, year one in Manor Woods to make natural art, Year 2 will be scoping the beach at Weston-super-Mare; Year 3 are pond dipping, Yr4 are creating a nature gallery and Years 5 and 6 are in Manor Woods to take part in the Malago Rivers Festival and to build dens.

Parson Street teacher and green team leader Clare Marshall said:

“For a school without a lot of our own green space we try and be more and more creative about how we use the outdoors. Maths might involve estimating the height of trees or literacy could be using the clouds to think of adjectives - everything you see can be used!

“Empty Classroom Day is a great opportunity to get the whole school learning in the natural environment. At Parson Street we use Learning in the Natural Environment (LINE) teaching throughout the year and find that it enhances engagement whatever subject you take outside.”

Empty Classroom Day co-ordinator Chris Robson said:

“Empty Classroom Day is happening on Friday and we're gearing up for the biggest event yet, with over 600 schools from across the UK and the world taking part. Thousands of pupils around the world will be spending the day outside and experience the benefits of learning outside the classroom. We're so excited to be sharing this day with schools like Parson Street Primary and are wishing everyone the most sunny, creative and fantastic day!”

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Notes for Editors

The day was created by teachers and educators at London Sustainable Schools Forum to encourage London schools to learn outsde and celebrate al the great environmental education happening in the city. It is supported by Project Dirt, the green social network.

Parson Street was awarded eco-ambassador status in 2014.
The Malago Rivers Festival is organized by the Bristol Natural History Consortium with Bristol Avon Rivers Trust, Avon Frome Partnership and Parson Street Primary School. Malago Partnership Schools Greenfield E-ACT academy, Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy, St Peter’s C of E Primary School, KnowleDGE Learning Centre, Headley Park Primary School and Victoria Park Primary School are all taking part.

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