St Peter’s bring home first gold for Bristol

St Peter’s C of E Primary School, Bishopsworth is the first school in Bristol to be awarded the Gold School Games Mark.

Judges were impressed by the wide range of opportunities for children at the 462 pupil school and how this inspires further sporting activities outside of the school day.

St Peter’s offers 16 sports, has seven links with local specialist clubs and manages eight teams who compete in local competitions. As well as football, netball and gymnastics St Peter’s offers archery, Judo, street dance, climbing, cross country running and cycling. More than half of children at the school participate in sport outside of usual PE lessons which is encouraged by students becoming ‘games makers’ to help guide the choice of sports and develop leadership skills.

St Peter's C of E Primary games makers with their gold school games mark

St Peter's C of E Primary games makers with their gold school games mark

The school’s sporting ambitions reaches parents with a post drop-off netball session for parents.

Two years ago the school built it’s own cycling track around its perimeter that is used during break time as well as for cycling clubs. The school also uses balance bikes to help encourage children to learn to ride as soon as possible.

Head teacher Livvy Sinclair-Gieben said:

“At St Peter’s C of E Primary School we believe that we can make sport appealing to all our children by taking extra steps to broaden what is on offer, building strong links with local clubs and building our own expertise in our teachers and students.

“Our staff give up a lot of their own time to offer traditional sports as well as activities such as street dance, archery, tennis. We also are really lucky to have a Judo specialist come in every Friday morning. I’m delighted that we’ve achieved this gold award!”

Harvey Pulllin-Dyer aged 10 is one of the school games makers.. He said:

“I help other children at playtime learn new games. At the moment we’re doing ‘seaweed’ which is about getting tagged and keeping to your line.

”I’m really excited about the school award. I think we deserve it as we can do so many different sports.”


Joanne Mogg has an 8 year old daughter in year 4. She has been playing netball at St Peter’s since the group started on Thursday mornings in September. She said:

“It’s just been brilliant. The netball session is always good fun, you can meet new people and it is easy to fit into your day. Although we’re keen it is always relaxed and has now become one of the highlights of my week.”

Cherry Kraus manages the local School Sport Partnership through Ashton Park School. She said:

“There was a record-breaking number of schools applying for bronze, silver or gold awards last year. St Peter’s can consider itself a shining example of commitment to school sport and physical education. They far exceed the levels of participation required to qualify for this award.”

Individual children have represented local clubs at competition level in gymnastics and cross-country running.

The Gold School Game Mark is valid for a year and is accredited by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England.


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