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5 Downsides of Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy counter tops are an attractive choice for bathroom and kitchens as a result of their shiny surface, long-lasting durability, and also low maintenance demands. They’re likewise affordable and also functional, making them a prominent counter top choice for both brand-new and also remodeled houses. Nonetheless, there are a couple of disadvantages to these types of counters that must be considered before you make your choice. Epoxy can be difficult to deal with as well as can cause a selection of unforeseen problems. The products have to be blended and applied correctly to ensure a resilient, resilient surface. It can be an untidy, lengthy procedure and isn’t inexpensive, so it’s finest to have a professional get the job done for you. 2. It can be tough to get a consistent look The application process for epoxy is unpleasant as well as needs a lot of preparation. You have to extensively clean the surface area to avoid any type of debris from working out right into the finishing and producing an irregular or unsightly finish. You have to also shield cupboards and floorings with plastic bed linen to prevent damage from the epoxy trickling onto them as it dries. 3. It can be tough to get a constant shade and tone While epoxy has a high level of flexibility, it does not constantly cause the exact same shade of finish as you expect. This can be especially true when you’re utilizing multiple colors to create your design. It’s additionally possible to create a plain or sloppy color by not properly mixing the material and also hardener before using it. 4. It can be challenging to obtain a regular quality item While the epoxy that you pick has a wide range of shade as well as pattern options, some products aren’t as resilient as others. This is since the resin requires to be mixed and also used properly to make sure a strong, long-lasting coating. It can be challenging to understand precisely how much of the hardener is added as well as whether it’s way too much or otherwise sufficient, which can cause an irregular or sloppy surface. 5. It can be hard to obtain a smooth surface Epoxy is notorious for causing air bubbles and also sags, which may create an uneven or sloppy surface when the countertop is utilized. You can avoid this issue by mixing the epoxy correctly as well as adding a little of water to thin it out. While an epoxy kitchen counter need to last for many years, it is at risk to breakage. It’s important to take the proper precautions when establishing hot items on it to decrease this danger, including staying clear of making use of unpleasant materials and cleaning up spills promptly. While some epoxy items are safe to eat on, it isn’t a food-safe kitchen counter surface. It can be harmful to consume off of, so you ought to only make use of a knife or reducing board to remove food from the kitchen counters. This drawback can be gotten rid of by choosing a food-safe epoxy product and taking actions to ensure that your counter top is safe for your household. These steps include protecting your family members and also pets from the chemicals as well as fumes that featured the process, in addition to utilizing a respirator or mask to shield on your own throughout the project.

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